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Associate Scientist for DP / DS Job ID: 10624


Our customer is leading pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland.

Ihre Aufgaben
  • Perform scientific experiments or pilot plant processes for the preparation and timely deliv-ery of drug substances (DS), drug products (DP), processes and procedures in collaboration with a multifunctional project team coordinated by Project Leader. Contribute to mainte-nance of lab instruments/infrastructure
  • Meet quality, quantity and timelines in all assigned projects
  • Provide documentation of raw data , evaluation and contribute to interpretation of results
    • Provide input for the selection of next experiments
  • Optimize existing methods (lab or plant) or contribute to new method development and reproduce published methods
  • Actively support the transfer of analytical or manufacturing procedures to pilot plant or production, including process steering controls etc.
  • Provide raw data documentation, evaluation and results interpretation
  • Propose and provide input for the design of next experiments
  • Address simple problems. Recognize and communicate complex problems within he project team or network if necessary together with the respective Project Leader, Network leader or Senior Scientific Expert or a relevant team member+
  • Keep record of chemicals, intermediates, excipients and solvents within own area of responsibility
  • Collaborate with other team members to facilitate deliveries of DS and / or DP
  • Schedule and perform routine maintenance of lab instruments/equipment
  • Contribute to lab procedures, reports and/or instructions and/or SOP’s
  • Contribute to the evaluation of new lab equipment
  • Actively participate in project teams/meetings/networks
  • Work according to appropriate SOPs, GMP, GLP, QM, HSE, ISEC & Novartis Guidelines
  • Strategic and scientific contribution to Networks, target achievements according to net-work charter and annual objectives
Ihr Anforderungsprofil
  • Education:
    • Minimum as a Technician with continuing 
    • Desirable: Master´s Degree or equivalent

  • Language skills:
    • English is a must
    • German / French is an advantage

  • Minimum of 3 years experience as Technician
  • Awareness for safe handling of chemicals, potentially dangerous materials and equipment 
  • Adequate scientific or technical knowledge in a spe-cific area (e.g. synthetic, analytical, galenical).
  • Basic knowledge in scientific/technical areas of col-laboration
  • Good knowledge of laboratory and/or technical tools
  • Adequate knowledge of software and computer tools
  • Basic presentation skills.
Auf Anfrage
Auf Anfrage
Dominik Reinelt
Fon +49 (0) 89 416 11 700
Mobil +49 152 338 598 09
Dominik Reinelt
Fon +49 (0) 89 416 11 700
Mobile +49 152 338 598 09
Mail dominik.reinelt@theentourage.de
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