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Associate Scientist Job ID: 10615

Projekt Consulting
Ihre Aufgaben
  • The position will report directly to the team head of Cell Process Development (CPD)
  • You will be working closely with an inter-disciplinary team in an international environment
  • You will participate in cell culture and cell isolation activities for Process Development utilizing human primary cells from Bone Marrow
  • You will participate in the entire cell process from start (incoming Bone Marrow) to finish (Cryopreservation) after cell culture and gene-modification of the cells
  • Both large and small scale experiments will need to be performed
  • You will work in a BSL2 environment and need to adhere to the required standards

Ihr Anforderungsprofil

General understanding of cell culture :

  • Primary cell cultures (nice to have) 
  • Antibiotic free culture 
  • Culture maintenance (flasks, bags, dishes) 
  • Large scale culture (nice to have) 

General understanding of analytical assays: 

  • Cell count, viability 
  • Microscope: Morphology

General understanding of large scale equipment and quick learning:

  • Isolation of a specific cell type in large scale
  • General lab upkeep and maintenance in BSL2 environment
  • MS Office excellence
  • Adherence to documentation guidelines and DQP (document quality practice) Management
  • Flexible work hours 
  • Education: 
    Lab assistant (EFZ, Biology) or Bachelor or equivalent with general understanding of Cell Biology and/or Immunology

  • Language: 
    Established communication skills. Fluency in German, English, orally and in writing.
Auf Anfrage
Auf Anfrage
Dominik Reinelt
Fon +41 41 510 04 90
Mobil +49 152 338 598 09
Dominik Reinelt
Fon +41 41 510 04 90
Mobile +49 152 338 598 09
Mail dominik.reinelt@theentourage.ch
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