Entourage employees report. From the home office.

The coronavirus separates. From the workplace. From colleagues. But it also networks. And opens up new perspectives.

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Entourage. News. Why the Coronavirus Infects Digitalization.

No matter how you define digitalization: Corona will significantly change the implementation of digitalization.

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Entourage. News. “Social Distancing”: The Need to keep Distance! Eine Fallbeschreibung.

Übertragung einer 2019-nCoV-Infektion durch einen asymptomatischen Kontakt in Deutschland.

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What’s happening. On the market.

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Testimonial. Managing Partner.What we actually do.

Managing Partner Dominik M. Aumer explains who we are and what we do. From personnel consulting to management consulting.

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Werde Teil des Teams

Interview. Entourage. Wise Decisions.

The philosopher Prof. Gerhard Schönrich and Dominik Aumer on the question of when a decision is wise.

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Testimonial. Manager. The USP of Entourage.

Former Managing Director of
Maquet Mikael Johansson
about the USP of Entourage.

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Our Mission.
Unsere Task Force.

Testimonial. Manager.  Cooperation with Entourage.

Markus May talks about how he experienced working with Entourage from three angles.

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