Entourage expands. Its Task Force. With Dr. Igor Tchoudovski.

Entourage expands. Its Task Force. With Dr. Igor Tchoudovski.

Munich, March 1, 2019.

Entourage Task Force hires Life Science specialist Dr. Igor Tchoudovski. He supports Entourage as Head of Digital and Analytics.

Entourage, a management and personnel consultancy, is expanding its consulting expertise with the addition of Dr. Igor Tchoudovski, an Engineer with a PhD. The former McKinsey consultant is an experienced project manager with extensive experience in the operational and strategic management of medium-sized companies and big players in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. In addition to R&D, Mr. Tchoudovski’s activities range from Operations, Digital Strategy, Innovation Management and Advanced Analytics to Industrial Design and Capability Building.


Dr. Igor Tchoudovski is pleased to be part of the Entourage Task Force. “It is very exciting to bring together experts from the life science industry to provide on-site advice to companies according to their needs. As Head of Digital and Analytics, it is particularly important to me that routine processes are automated, giving people more time for demanding tasks. Our Advanced Analytics Solutions take over the trivial tasks so that the individual has more time for creative work”.

Dominik M. Aumer, founder and Managing Partner of Entourage, is pleased to welcome such an experienced and highly qualified member to the Task Force. “We are pleased to expand the competence of our expert pool with top consultants such as Igor Tchoudovski. Due to his distinctive expertise in various areas and his project experience as a consultant for well-known companies, Mr. Tchoudovski is an important element for future consulting projects in the entire life science industry. Together with him we will further develop our competence in digitization and automation processes. We are very proud that Entourage is able to position itself against such renowned employers as McKinsey and that we are winning consultants of such calibre for our company.”

Short Profile Dr. Igor Tchoudovski.

Igor Tchoudovski graduated in Biomedical / Medical Engineering from the Moscow State Technical University. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In addition, Mr. Tchoudovski is a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute (PMI).
In over 18 years of professional experience, Dr. Tchoudovski has worked as Head of R&D for various medical device companies. As a consultant to the leading management consulting firm, Mr. Tchoudovski was most recently active in various areas. Among others he worked in Business Transformations & Strategy, Digital Solution Development and Entrepreneurship & Business Building.
Dr. Igor Tchoudovski supports Entourage as a member of the Task Force and Head of Digital and Analytics.

Short Profile Entourage.

Entourage is a management and personnel consultancy focusing on pharmaceuticals, medical technology and laboratory medicine. The company, which is based in Munich and Basel, recruits experts for the leading life science companies in the DACH region by placing permanent scientific employees and consultants. With Project Consultants, Entourage implements projects for its clients via highly qualified temporary employment and work contracts. With Entourage Task Force (ETF), Entourage bundles selected interim managers and management consultants into a top-class consulting unit that implements pharmaceutical and medical technology solution scenarios in consulting projects on an interdisciplinary basis.