People and Tools. Hand in Hand. Digital Factory.

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​Human Factor. In the Digital Age.

New technologies. Digital solutions. Automated. And computer-controlled. Sounds like progress. Like future. Like reduced effort. Lower costs. Shorter distances. And faster decisions. But an employee who does not understand. Does not trust. Nor does he implement it. No technology works. Without the people behind it. Despite digitalization. And automation. Success is a sum. Of the right people. Paired with the right tools. The human being is. And remains. The foundation. Of your company. To success. In the 21st century.

Invest in people. And technology. Equally..​

The key to success. Is balance. The right combination. Of traditional. And modern technologies. Connect. Your employees. With new tools. With electronic performance dashboards. For automatic visualization of the OEE. With computer-based processes. Problem-Solving Tools. Or with digital SCM. Under consideration. Of your workforce. And the digital possibilities. Of the present.​

Digital Factory. Quick Check.

Intensive review. Analysis of the current situation. Identify weak points. Identifying levers. Initiate first quick wins. Project plan. Develop and define.
Implement. On site. Together. With customers. With employees. Communicate. Refine. Implement. Scaling. Improve. About your entire company. And beyond. Accompanied. Controlled. Corrected. Practical. Effective. With consultants. From Entourage.