A challenge. Right outside the door. IVDR ready 2022..

Beratungstermin vereinbaren

IVDR made easy. With Entourage.

Whether it’s during the blood draw. As a pregnancy-. Or blood sugar testing. In vitro diagnostics are. A fast-growing. Vital. And indispensable part. Of the global health system. Without matching. With the new. And current. Regulations. There are. No markets. In the long run. For you as a manufacturer. And your products.

IVDR Ready. With Entourage.

Together with you. We’ll take. The right measures. For gaps. In Evidences. And identify. The appropriate risk classes. For your products. And new compliance requirements. Caused. By new classification systems. And help you in this way. To bring. Your products. To the European market. With competent technical experts. And hands-on support. We guarantee. Clarity. And security.

Unser IVDR Quick Check.

Intensive review. Analysis of the current situation. Identify weak points. Identifying levers. Initiate first quick wins. Project plan. Develop and define.
Implement. On site. Together. With customers. With employees. Communicate. Refine. Implement. Scaling. Improve. About your entire company. And beyond. Accompanied. Controlled. Corrected. Practical. Effective. With consultants. From Entourage.