Das 4E Prinzip

Our Mission.

We are management consultancy. We are personnel consultancy. We are specialized. On Life Sciences. On Pharma. On MedTec. On Health Care. We work in DACH. In Munich. In Basel. We recognize motives. With candidates. We recognize needs. With clients. We bring people and organizations together. In permanent employment. In projects. In consulting scenarios.

Our Principle.
The 4E-Principle.

Das 4E Prinzip


We have the ability and willingness to recognise and understand the sensations, thoughts, emotions, motives and personality traits of another person.


We look for clear and simple solutions. At the same time well thought out and comprehensible. No detours.


We work to the point. Structured and transparent. And communicate our solutions. Understandable for everyone. Colleagues. Candidates. Clients.


Our focus is on our goal. We always achieve results. Quality is more important than quantity.

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Our Values.


We are open. Towards us. Towards others. We are capable. To emotional intelligence. We see our fellow man. We let ourselves be criticized. We can criticize. We are capable of change. We expect the ability to change. We approach people. Colleagues. Candidates. Clients


We are authentic. We are real. From the inside. To the outside. We act according to our values. According to our thoughts. Our emotions. Our convictions. We do not let ourselves be dissuaded. From our path. Through external influences. We are. Who we are.

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We are flexible. We adjust ourselves. To circumstances. On demand. To changes. To our candidates. To our clients. In a dynamic market.


We are passionate. We are enthusiastic. We love what we do. We love how we do it. Our job. Our tasks. Our colleagues. Our candidates. Our clients. Our passion.


We are transparent. To colleagues. To candidates. To clients. Our processes are open. Our processes are clear. With a fixed goal. Clearly communicated. Consistently lived. To the inside. And to the outside.


We are credible. We understand expectations. We manage expectations. We meet expectations. Of our colleagues. Of our candidates. Of our clients. We act at eye level. Honestly. Fair. And respectfully.


We are reliable. We provide security. We build trust. We keep what we promise. To colleagues. To candidates. To clients.