Projektberatung mit Entourage

Project Consulting.

We offer. Project Consulting. For the curious. For adventurers. For explorers. For seducers. For conquerors. We search for. You. Your expertise. In Life Sciences. In Pharmaceuticals. In MedTec. In Health Care. You are. An Academic. A Scientists. Engineers. You are. A Pharmacist. A Chemist. A Biologist. Medical doctor. You support. Our customers. In Operations. In Research & Development. In Regulatory Affairs. In Quality. In DACH.

Three Types of Project Consulting.

Highly Qualified Temporary Employment .

We lend. Highly qualified natural scientists. And engineers. With operational tasks. With tasks in daily business. In onsite use. With daily coordination of concrete tasks. And delegation of authority. To the client. Our resource is operationally integrated into the client’s organisation. With the possibility of takeover. And crediting the invoice to the brokerage commission. Without risks from bogus self-employment.

Project Consulting

Permanent Consultant.

We offer. Project-related provision. From permanent entourage experts. With tactical tasks. With independent planning. With independent planning and a mixture of on-site and off-site days. With regular coordination of milestones. With unlimited project duration. And high project competence. Through recurring tasks. And possible combination of strategic consulting and operational implementation. Without transfer of authority to issue directives. And without the risks of bogus self-employment.

Contract for Work.

We offer. Work contracts. We take on overriding project orders. With permanent GxP and MedTec experts from Entourage. To achieve the project goal. We determine the project results. And calculate the quantity structures. Liquidation of the agreed expenses. And milestones. At the end of the project. We offer. High calculation security for our clients. Without delegation of authority. Without risks from bogus self-employment. And without involvement of HR and works council.